Hey folks, My name is Rory and I am website designer and developer based in San Fransisco, California. I create beautiful, usable, professional websites using skills I have acquired through a long and fulfilling career. All my practices adhere to the  latest W3C web standards guidelines, and the pages I create are seo friendly XHTML and CSS. Just as chef or an artist lovingly guides their creations to achieve perfection, so I devote myself 100% to my work towards creating something spectacular every single time.

I specialize in standard based XHTML, CSS and JavaScript web development. Every site I build is designed to be search engine friendly, using the latest development techniques and principles.

What I offer:

Design: I believe that great  design design is in the details and I also believe that design must support functionality and vice-versa. Design is about more than just choosing colors, typefaces, shapes and images. Great design looks to present information in such a way as to support the information it presents.

When I design a website, I’m constantly thinking the site will be built and how it will function. You can be rest assures that both design and functionality will be given equal priority.

Marketing and Seo: Its not enough to jut have a website that looks great, if you want to earn money from it. It needs to rank as well and in order for it to do that, search engines must see it as a relevant and useful resource. I take care of all the on-page Seo aspects when designing your webpages, including keywords, and more so that your web pages are 100% Seo friendly.

If you have any questions, I encourage you to write to me and I also encourage your participation in this process, since it is after all your website that we’re building. I look forward to hearing from you!